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Chinese Massage Therapy (TCM)



According to ancient teachings, we are composed of three closely interrelated parts: physical body, vital energy and mind.


There are different Eastern and Western methods for the therapy and training of each of these three parts, and in order to achieve well-being and health, all three must be addressed.  


In healing the physical body, Western doctors and physiotherapists are generally the most skilled.

Psychological methods can deal effectively with problems of mind and soul.

The strength of Chinese methods lies in the examination and understanding of the vital energy (Qi or Chi) that connects body and mind.

By harmonising the Qi, we can affect both body and soul.  


 Exercising the physical body is covered in Pilates, yoga, fitness and martial arts.

Life energy can be cultivated through the methods of Qi Gong (i.e. Chi Kung), Tai Ji (i.e. Tai Chi) and Yoga.

The mind can be developed through mental exercises and meditation.


When we talk about the duality of body and soul, life energy and consciousness correspond to the soul.   





After a comprehensive assessment of the condition using the methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) I provide acupressure massage therapy, ear reflex therapy and to maintain the harmony I recommend home exercises, point massage and lifestyle advice based on Chinese medicine.





Exercises are structured to develop all three levels - body, vital energy and mind: practice helps to improve posture and strengthen the body, makes us more energetic and joyful, and brings our mind into a calm, balanced state.

 The online training series, "Movement Multivitamin", is designed to be a 2 x 60-minute weekly practice that includes all the exercises we need at a minimum for physical and mental well-being.





I give lectures and courses on the holistic approach to health (body-energy-mind or body-soul connection) and Chinese methods of health promotion and treatment methods. Depending on the needs, this can be a 1-2 hour lecture, a 1-2 day weekend workshop or even a course over several months.

In Budapest I hold courses organised by the International Academy of Massage.





I organize retreats of several days in a natural, harmonious environment, where we can cultivate all three levels of our being - physical, energetic and mind – with the realted methods (the Five Methods - Pilates, Kung Fu, Qi Gong, Tai Ji, meditation plus Chinese massage).

 What you can expect: recharging, relaxation, inspiration, learning about how we and the world work.


I organise some retreats abroad, where we combine the practice with the travel experience, making the journey more enjoyable and improving ourselves in the process - these are the "Travel & Retreat" events.  



The language of treatment and teaching is English, German or Hungarian.

The 5 methods
1. Pilates

Helps develop a good physical structure and posture. These give strength, flexibility and realignment to the whole body, therefore help preventing injuries, joint problems and various pains due to misalignment, e.g. lower back pain, frozen shoulder, etc.

2. Kung Fu

We continue with the dynamic movements of Kung Fu, which, in this system, we use as a harmonious and joyful cardio exercise, not the combat aspect of it. These exercises are  good for the heart and lungs, increase blood flow and circulation, and also help reduce stress and promote happiness.

3. Qi Gong

The Qi Gong exercises are simple movements that are easy to learn. They help access your inner energy, harmonize its flow, recharge your batteries by filling up the bodily structure with vital energy, harmony and relax. 

4. Tai Chi

During the slow flowing and mindful motion of Tai Chi you experience the pleasant flow of inner energy waves. It is shown to improve the cardiovascular system; physical and energy balance; nervous system; bone density and promotes psychological wellbeing.

5. Relaxation and meditation

The session includes a short practice of relaxation and meditation to 

release the tension to calm the mind, awaken the spirit and settle the refined energy.

Chinese medicine (TCM)

The diagnosis and the therapy in Chinese medicine is based on the Qi, the vital energy. (The Qi is the energy, which connects the body and the mind.) If the quantity and quality of the Qi is sufficient and circulates harmoniously, then the body and the mind is harmonious and healthy.

The Chinese therapeutic methods aim to harmonize the Qi by using the treatment of acupressure points, massage, Qigong, herbs, nutritional- and lifestyle advice.​

- I offer comprehensive examination, acupressure massage treatment, and I recommend harmonising Qigong exercises and lifestyle advices based on Chinese Medicine.

- I give workshops and courses on the basics of Chinese Medicine and acupressure massage.

Important notice: Chinese medicine doesn’t substitute western medicine but complements it! If you have acute symptoms, please go to the doctor. Chinese medicine and western medicine complement each other, like Yin and Yang. In acute situations western medicine is more efficient than Chinese. If there is no emergency then Chinese medicine can be efficient. If you have a serious chronic illness, please consult your doctor before you take Chinese therapies.  

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About me

My name is Marton Felszeghy.

I am a certified naturopath specialized in acupressure, Chinese massage (Tui Na) based on Chinese Medicine.


I am also a certified Tai Chi and Qi Gong teacher and a Pilates instructor.

I have been practicing Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Qi Gong and Buddhism since 2001.

I have been teaching and giving treatments since 2005 in Hungary, and from 2012 in Germany, England and Malta as well.

I give lectures at the International Massage Academy, Budapest. 


My teachers:

My master in Tai Chi, Kung Fu and Qigong is András Havasi.

I have been studying Chinese Medicine from

Ferenc Hartman and Damo Mitchell. 

I have also been visiting the courses of Ismet Himmet,

Liang De Hua and Dan Docherty. 

I have been studying anatomy, physiology and I consulted with physiotherapists as I put together the excercises, to build a safe and preventive method. 

Abou me









„I like Marton’s holistic approach to our sessions, he treats the body as much as the soul. After our sessions I always feel more energized, revitalized. My shoulder pain disappeared and my lower back pain decreased.He is a good listener and have a vast knowledge on Eastern medicine.”





"I got a lot of cutting edge cancer treatment 26 years ago, and I the resulting severe tightness in muscles and tendons around my neck, throat and shoulders, left me struggling to talk without pain and discomfort for decades. After just one of Marton's massages I found I could talk normally again, and with much greater comfort in my throat. I will definitely be going back to him and couldn't recommend him more highly."







"I've been doing the various exercises of the Movement Multivitamin regularly for six months and my physical condition has improved significantly since then. And it's not just me who feels this way, it's also been measured."


Judit, pensioner


"Even though I have been living a very sedentary life lately, the Movement Multivitamin has increased my energy levels: not just my strength, but my vitality!"





"I like going to Tai Chi classes because it is easy to learn a complex movement in a good atmosphere. The training has physical and mental challenges, introspection and good humour, and at the end a reaxing good feeling."




Tai Chi video in Slovenia



Why this system?





Retreats and workshops

Our services

Contact Us

If you are interested in the treatments, trainings or workshops,

please contact me! 

Marton Felszeghy

0049-151-2611-4196 (D) 

0036-70-5127562 (H)

Website: ONLineForge Kft,

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