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MOVEMENT-MULTIVITAMIN - online training program

Weekly 2x60 minutes training, which include the excercises that your body, energy and mind minimally needs


Exercises can be followed live on ZOOM on Tuesday and Friday mornings from 9am to 10am, which I record, so you can watch anytime later.

- strengthening the muscles of the core

- stretching and mobilizing

- muscle strengthening

- cardio exercises

- Qi Gong excercise to recharge and harmonize the Qi flow

- circulating and refining life energy with basic Tai Chi movements

- relaxation and meditation to relax the muscles and nerves and calm the mind


The Movements-Multivitamin contains excercises of Pilates, Yoga, Kung Fu, fitness, Qigong, Tai Chi, relaxation and meditation.  


If have the following conditions, please consult with me before starting the practice:

pregnancy, over 65 years of age, overweight, high blood pressure, joint problems, sore or weak waist or knees, osteoporosis, Post-Covid condition, regular headaches, nervous system problems.

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