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Harmonizing emotions with holistic methods of Chinese Medicine and psychology


Anger - restlessness - overthinking - sadness - fear

The framework of this workshop is the Five Element model, which is the basis of traditional Chinese medicine. Complementing the western linear thinking about health, Chinese medicine thinks more in patterns, systems and energy flows.
It is another way of understading our body and emotions and to learn how to become friends with the sensations and feelings we have.  

Illness does not occur as a thing separate from the rest of a person’s life. A human being is a system, and each symptom/illness is part of the wider ecology. 
Psychological symptom (such as anxiety) is part of the wider ecology of the person’s mind, including their metaprograms, values, life metaphors etc.

The Five elements model comes from the Taoist teachings. It applies to all natural systems and it teaches of the nature of energy conversion in the world around us and within us.
It gives a framework of understanding the flow of Qi within the human body and its mutual effect of the psyche. 

Emotion is E-motion, Energy in Motion. When we allow our emotions to be felt, The non-judgemental awareness and sensing of our emotions allow energy to move and transform, leading us towards health and our true potential. All the risen tensions can calm down once their cycle is finished. This helps our Autonomic Nervous System to regulate, our stress hormones to be in balance and brings us into homeostasis and health.


When we feel each emotion fully without making a story up about it, but simply allowing the somatic and emotional sensations to be felt, we find that every emotion can be transformed into something valuable. 

Emotional wealth comes from the wisdom of the experience, when we push down feelings we not only end up feeling terrible anyway, but also rob ourself of the important realizations that would shape and grow us into our fullest potential. Plus suppressed feelings by years may cause serious chronic diseases. 

We invite you to our 3 days workshop to learn the framework of the 5 elements and get useful tools to balance all five through body practices and conscious thinking and feeling. 


It is a learning and experience based workshop, where we dedicate half day to all five elements. 

For the mental processing we learn a bit about the element, then get somatic experience through movement.

With all five elements we learn about the connecting emotions and understand how they could be healthily transformed “recycled” for building material of a healthier you.



Meet our facilitators:

Márton Felszeghy

Marton is certified naturopath specialized in acupressure, Chinese massage based on traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and he is certified Tai Chi and Qi Gong teacher and Pilates instructor.

He started to practice Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Qi Gong and Buddhism in 2001.

His mission is to educate about the basics of Chinese medicine, as a holistic health maintenance system, which has an important place in healthcare, in accordance with Western medical methods.  Especially interested in the psychological aspect of Chinese medicine. 

He organizes retreats and workshops in Hungary, Germany, England and Malta.



Zsófia Székely

Compassionate and analytical, passionate about developing herself, others, groups and even companies. After completing her masters in Psychology, in the past 10 years she was putting her knowledge into use through 1-on-1 consultations, group coachings and organizational development. Her speciality is not the analysis of the past, but her methods are rather focused on understanding the present, planning for the future and closing the gap between reality and possibilities as moving from A to B.


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