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The diagnosis and the therapy in Chinese medicine is based on the Qi, the vital energy. (The Qi is an energy, which connects the body and the mind.) If the quantity and quality of the Qi is sufficient and circulates harmoniously, then the body and the mind is harmonious and healthy. The Chinese therapeutic methods aim to harmonize the Qi by using the treatment of acupuncture points, massage, Qigong, herbs, nutritional- and lifestyle advice.

The first session will start with a comprehensive examination using Chinese medicine methods.

On this basis I will give

- acupressure massage treatment, 
- ear reflex therapy, 
- home exercises, point massage. 
- harmonising lifestyle advice based on the principles of Chinese medicine. 


The first session with assessment, treatment and home exercises is 90 minutes. 

Each subsequent treatment session is 60 minutes.

Important notice: Chinese medicine doesn’t substitute western medicine but complements it! If you have acute symptoms, please go to the doctor. Chinese medicine and western medicine complement each other, like Yin and Yang. In acute situations western medicine is more efficient than Chinese. If there is no emergency then Chinese medicine can be efficient. If you have a serious chronic illness, please consult your doctor before you take Chinese therapies.  

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